Ferenc Mehl ​

Schlagzeuger und Komponist
Drummer and composer

My Gear
I am glad to call a bunch of great instruments my own. I found those travelling and constantly “hunting” where ever I have been.
Gretsch Stop Sign
So it happened that I found a 18”, 12”, 14” Gretsch Stop Sign Batch in Manhattan which I brought home. Since than this is the Set of Drums I play for all kinds of small acoustic groups. It has a very warm and wooden sound without any lack of attack.
I am lucky enough to say that for all kind of music I am able to choose from a variety of cymblas. Some of them are worth mentioning. As a main Ride I like to use a 22” Spizzichino which is very light and therefor warm and dark but sometimes a little washy. I bought it in Italy when I visited Roberto 2008. There is another 22” Cymbal which I play more often at this time. It is a Dyrill Prototype and way heavier but beautiful in tone and range. It reminds me to the sound of Kenny Washington… Usually I play it with two rivets but I lost one.
Hihat Cymbals
My Hihat Cymbals right now are two 15” Hollywood. I found those cymbals at a Vintage Gear Flee market in Germany and I do know nothing about the Brand but the Sound is just great. If the music asks for a softer sound I go with my 14” Avedis from the 60th. They are lighter a little less aggressive and just as beautiful.
Red Sparkle Amati
At different occasions I play a triggered 20” Red Sparkle Amati Bass Drum with an additional pick up alongside a triggered Rogers Snare Drum and a 24” Cymbal. The Roland TM 2 Module provides me with everything I need and is easy to handle.